Broken News Daily weighs in on our mummified burger

Here's What Fast Food Looks Like After Two Years | Broken News Daily - Yahoo Screen
In an effort to show that highly processed foods are bad for you, a chiropractor in Michigan has kept a McDonald's cheeseburger, french fries, and Taco Bell taco in the open air on her reception desk for two years, and basically nothing has happened to them. Have you ever seen a mummified cheeseburger? Well, you're about to.  



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Our fast food goes global!

We were very excited to be spreading the healthy word around the US, but we were floored when we got a call from across the pond! The Daily Mail UK called to chat with Dr. Vaughn. Read what she had to say to them HERE. Read More

Vaughn Chiropractic on Business Insider

Business Insider contacted our office to help celebrate the TWO YEAR birthday of our counter top fast food. Check out the article HERE

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Fast Food Looks ‘Fresh Off The Grill’ After 2 Years On Display At Michigan Clinic

One of the most influential women in Detroit radio, Marie Osborn, stopped by our office to chat about the fast food you've all seen on the counter for years. Check out her ARTICLE HERE to read more. 

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Hear the Doctors on the radio!

WWJ 950am came in and interviewed us this morning. Tune in and you just might hear Dr. Vaughn or Dr. Marshall.

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